The property that is now D & C Ranch started out as a horse ranch in the mid-1990s. In the fall of 2005 Don and Cindy   (D & C) purchased the property as D & C Ranch. The horse ranch was transformed into a bass fishing resort, but all the green pipe fencing for horse pastures was still there. Whenever Don learned someone owned longhorns he would invite them to use his pastures.

In the fall of 2016 by an unusual coincidence Kyle Mayden needed to come to the ranch to help his wife Whitney’s father with a truck problem. Don had spent the day with Kyle and Whitney’s daughter who was there with her grandfather. As Kyle was helping his father-in-law Don learned Kyle had longhorns and offered to provide pasture for some of their longhorns.

A few days before Christmas Kyle called and asked if Don was serious. Soon there were 3 pregnant cows and “Hoss” the bull at the ranch. Don, the ranch caretaker’s children, the neighbors and friends fell in love with the longhorns; then there were baby longhorns to make them even more enjoyable.

In the late spring 2017 Kyle agreed to help D & C Ranch become a premier longhorn ranch. Later an opportunity was created for D & C Ranch to partner with Kyle and Whitney (Mayden Farms) and Dale Hunt and Sherrill Caddel of Rockin H Longhorns to have a partnership in ROWDY HR, a beautiful award-winning bull.

D&C Ranch in partnership with Kyle, Whitney, Dale and Sherrill is committed to build a premium herd of longhorns and to continue to build D&C Ranch’s herd with ROWDY HR as the premier bull.

We are looking to have gentle longhorns that are not only genetically elite and beautiful but look forward to having attention from people. We hand feed cattle cubes to our longhorns many times a week to keep them gentle and friendly to people.